I’m a mess hahaha cold, in a snuggie, & had some strawberry daiquiri ;)
this is so gross but its been a long day. 
I’m back! 
Only cause I have to do my math homework online & study for my math test but I’M STILL BACK<3
Work & school has been keeping me busy >_< 
Hope everyone else is doing well~!
I’m out in the open.
I’m so tired.
Might just go home & tell my mom that class got cancelled.
I don’t know if she’ll believe me.
I just need a study room dammit.
My 23,000 post
I’m slightly in a better mood.
I should be getting work done but since I’m skipping class, I’m here at the library till 8.
You guys should text me or leave me messages to keep me entertained…I don’t bite….maybe
 If you guys can guess whos jacket this is, I’ll give you a prize…a virtual hug LOL
I’m bored.
Weird picture, I look like shit
but its taken from my new laptop!
Got it at 12 last night or this morning cause I was dragged out to go shopping…
In the end, I ended up broke, with the last cheap laptop on the shelf and a working computer now to finish my homework!
Its got Windows 8 so I’m messing around with it.
I look gross. Do we look alike at all? Hahaha #sisters #bored
@tinyminji she’s camera shy all of a sudden 😒😑😒😑😒
LOL didn’t even notice that we were sort of making the same face till the end!! @4ever_azn
"Up on the hill across the blue lake, That’s where I had my first heartbreak. I still remember how it all changed. My father said, Don’t you worry, don’t you worry, child. See heaven’s got a plan for you. Don’t you worry, don’t you worry now." - you broke my heart but I still love you. #myeyesareswollen #goodnight
#tbt I absolutely love this shirt. It’s signed by snrg & that concert was amazing. ❤ @4ever_azn